Friends of Lovers Key State Park

Together, we protect, preserve and support Lovers Key State Park

Membership Information

Paying by Check


Click here for a membership form that you can complete, print and mail with your check. Make checks payable to the Friends of Lovers Key State Park.
Mail to: attn: Membership, Friends of Lovers Key, 8700 Estero Blvd., Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

Paying by Credit Card or Pay Pal

Please read about the benefits for the types of membership, and indicate your choice in the form provided. Fill in the information as you wish it to appear on the membership card. If you are giving this membership as a gift, fill in all of the member's contact information.

Good FOLKS at every level

Family – $50 Donation or more includes:

  • Membership card
  • Subscription to the FOLKS E-news, which features updates on park happenings and articles on the coastal environment
  • 12 free entries into the park per year
  • Invitations to "members only" events.

Patron – A $80 donation or more includes:

  • Benefits of the Family Membership
  • Plus:
  • 15% discount at park concessionaire purchases except tours
  • 15% discount at Flipper’s on the Bay (not including alcoholic drinks)
  • One Free FOLKS tee-shirt 
  • Recognition on the FOLKS website

Lifetime Partner – One-time donation of $1500 or more includes:

  • Benefits of the Patron Membership, plus
  • Personal guided tour of the park

Membership matters

Critical support

As a non-profit organization, FOLKS depends on support from its members, corporate sponsors and donors to help fund projects that maintain and enhance the state park we love.

In addition to financial support, members often contribute their time, talents and energy to operations of FOLKS and events that we sponsor. No matter what your interest, there is a role for you.

Friends of Lovers Key is a registered private, non-profit organization and is classified under Section 501c(3) of the IRS code. As a Citizen Support Organization for a state park, its fundraising is dedicated to benefit a state agency, and is exempt from registry with the Dept. of Consumer Affairs.

Your dollars help support your park and ensure its viability for future generations.

Join the list of our special members!

Patron Members

Lonnie & Bev Allen
Jackie Andersen
Don Anderson
Gail Barsness
Joe Bielinski
Adam & Derrick Botana
Leigh Broell
Sandra Carpentier
Jeff & Chris Comotto
Antonio Correia
Joanna Cronin
John & Mary Daly
Sharon Downey
Eric Draper
Tom & Jan Emmer
Danielle Etzbach
Ron Everson
Theodore Frank
Tre Gillette
Claire Girard
Bill & Ginny Goodwin
Carson Griffin
Susan Hamill
Jane Hampton
Michael Hansberry
Herb & Sue Hanson
James & Judy Havran
Daniel & Norma Jasper
Nancy Kaufmann
Kathryn Klar
Betty Kratz
John LaRose
Jeremy Lawrence
Carol Ley
Michael Lund
William Mack
Roery & Janet MacLean
Ron & Mary Mattson
Kathy McGrath
John & Sharon McIntosh
Roy Mittman
Gary Mooney
Craig Nelson
Judy Niles
Thomas Normandy
John & Lorraine Perkinson
Chuck & Diane Pittelkow
Ronald & Betty Pontecore Sr.
Jim & Nancy Remis
Sandy Sandness
Terrance Schwinghammer
Doug Wagner
Gary Wilson
Joe & Gloria Wittig
Delphine Zalewski

Lifetime Members

Vern & Flo Alexander
Bryan & Shelia Armstrong
Scott Battles
Brent & Gloria Beauchamp
Wayne & Judy Berger
Billy's Bikes
Steven & Carole Blair
Chuck & Sharon Bodenhafer
Deborah Brozowski
James Bruneel
Diana Bryant
Frank & Janet Cassise
Jim & Jeanette Cavanaugh
Louise Close & Joel Matthews
David & Rosie Cordes
Gary Cranston
Jack & Judy Delancy
Rich & Barb Donnelly
Len Eckert
Mike & Kathy Elliott
Bob & Sandy Finley
Mark Generales
Ann Golden
Frank & Judy Greenwood

Charles & Deborah Herzog
Bob & Sue Horning
Tim and Sarah Horvatich
Mark Hunter
Mildred Hunter
Pamela Jones-Morton
Andy & Leslie Kern
Louise Kowitch
Terri Krass
Eugene & Ellen Leary
Susan Long
Joe & Susannah Maccarone
LaRaw Maran
Brian & Teri Mattson
Musa Mayer
Richard McKissock
Claire Meehan
Rolf & Astrid Meyer
Connie Molsen
Katie Moses
David & Neeley Murphy
Ray Murphy
James Nici
Brie Ochoa
Bryant Pearsonsz
Michelle Pyle
Cathy Rakovan
Alice Rhoads
James Rossing
Mike & Sally Shoppa
Hugh Smaltz
Neil & Laine Spearing
Linda Ann Swanke
David Szetela
Joshua Tuyls
Frank Vitagliano
Debbie Voorhees
Bob & Shelley-Sue Williams
Peggy Wood
Deborah Wyman

I have so much enjoyed working with the FOLKS special events! As a member, I know that every dollar goes to supporting the park, and protecting this fragile coastal gem.


Please Donate

Your gifts — whether financial or of time and talent — are essential to protecting Lovers Key State Park and enhancing the experience of visitors. Ultimately, if you support the efforts of the Friends of Lovers Key State Park we will complete the design and building of a new Learning Center.


Business Partners help support the environmental education mission of the Park. Thank You Business Partners!

  • ACMA
  • Artichoke & Company
  • Beach Bum Bike Rentals
  • Donnelly Design Build
  • Fort Myers Beach Community Foundation
  • Good Time Charters
  • IconDo Design
  • Interiors Unlimited
  • Island Fit
  • Johnson Engineering
  • Kathy Nesbit Vacations
  • Law Offices of John D Spear, P.A.
  • Leani's
  • Lovers Key Adventures
  • Lovers Key Resort
  • The Martin Foundation
  • Maureen Guenther
  • Myerside Resort
  • Rodes Restaurant and Fish Market
  • Sharky's Pizza Pub and Grill
  • Sneaky Pete's
  • South Beach Grille
  • Southern Trust Financial
  • Sweetwater Paddlesports
  • Truly Scrumptious

Add your business to the list! Contact Rich Donnelly at 239-495-7045.